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Our family dentists at Bethany Stewart Dentistry in Dallas can help you getting help for sensitive teeth.

As is always the case, coming to see us earlier at Bethany Stewart Dentistry in Dallas will help us to find the best solution for your sensitive teeth.


Do your teeth hurt if you eat or drink hot or cold beverages?

If so, you are probably suffering from sensitive teeth. Any number of underlying reasons could be causing your pain and be the cause of your sensitive teeth. You are not alone.


Sensitive Teeth Common Among Adults

More than 40 million adults suffer from sensitive teeth across the US. The condition is called Dentin Hypersensitivity.


Understanding Dentin Hypersensitivity (Sensitive Teeth)

The inside of each tooth is mostly made of dentin. Dentin contains microscopic tubes filled with nerve endings. When the outer layer of enamel is worn or missing, nerve irritation results. Nerve irritation essentially means pain and that’s a sensitive tooth!


What May Have Caused Sensitive Teeth

Now we know a problem with tooth enamel is the root cause of sensitive teeth. What are some ways we can lose tooth enamel resulting in sensitive teeth?


  • Worn enamel from brushing our teeth.
  • Erosion from acidic food and beverages.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Gum recession.
  • Grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments.


Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Home remedies for sensitive teeth are numerous. Many home remedies for sensitive teeth are effective. However, treating yourself is guesswork at best. Self-treatment isn’t too efficient because you cannot be sure what you are attempting to treat.

Dental Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

It always pays to seek earlier treatment with our dentists at Bethany Stewart Dentistry.


Preventative dental checkups will uncover the first signs of sensitive teeth and the pain associated with sensitive teeth. Avoiding the causes of sensitive teeth will not help to repair what damage has been done. Only a dentist can help you to repair sensitive teeth.


As family dentists, our first task is to rule out any underlying causes of your pain, such as a cracked tooth or missing filling. Treatment for sensitive teeth varies for each patient and each condition or conditions.


We can offer a number of treatments and give you expert advice on how to deal with your sensitive teeth at Bethany Stewart Dentistry. Please contact us to arrange an appointment so we can have a look at your teeth and you particular situation.


Caring for Sensitive Teeth After Dental Treatment

We’ll advise you on how best you can change the way you do things to better care for your teeth. We’ll uncover the causes of your sensitive during consultation. Some very common requests we have for our patients include:


  • Change in diet to avoid acidic foods.
  • Changing away from fizzy drinks.
  • Changing the way you brush, including the type of toothpaste and toothbrush you use.
  • Recommend a mouth guard.



You are welcome to ask us any questions including getting advice on how to reduce your dental costs by calling us directly on 469-466-8196.



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