Dental Implants in Dallas You’ll Love

When you lose a tooth, either to trauma or to decay, it might seem like your days of a perfect smile are over. A gap in your teeth can be very noticeable, and it can detract from your appearance and your self-confidence. Not only are missing teeth a cosmetic problem, but they can also affect the way that you speak and your ability to chew and eat food – so fixing the gap with a dental implant is important to restoring your dental health to normal.

Implant dentistry procedures are completed in stages. The end result a porcelain tooth that is anchored in the jaw securely with artificial roots, each reaching down into the jawbone. Our implant teeth just as strong as the one it is replacing. Dental implants function the same as real teeth, look identical and will last your lifetime without any further maintenance.


Do You Need a Dental Implant?

While millions of Americans have teeth missing, only a small percentage of those get dental implants. If you lead an active lifestyle and you need a tooth that is indistinguishable from the ones that are already in your mouth, a dental implant might be for you. Dental implants are easier to care for than dental appliances that are removable like dentures, and they do a much better job of staying put in your mouth when you are chewing and performing physically strenuous activities. Since dental implants fuse with your own bone, they become a permanent fixture in your mouth and they are much more comfortable and durable than the alternatives. If you want a dental implant and you’re not already a regular client of Bethany Stewart Dentistry, talk to several dental implant specialists and compare us.


Leading Implant Dentistry in Dallas

Bethany Stewart Dentistry is a key provider for implant dentistry in Dallas, with numerous successful dental implants, restorations and satisfied clients from all walks of life. Even if you don’t use our dentistry practice for your regular dental checkups, you should consider us for restoring dental implants because our dentists are highly trained and our facility is top of the line with all new equipment and the latest in dental implant technology. We encourage anyone that is healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry surgery to come in for an evaluation – and our prices are highly competitive among dentists in the area. From the time you walk in for your initial consultation to the final appointment when you walk away with a brand new artificial tooth, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our professionalism. If you need implant dentistry in Dallas, talk to us and find out why we are so different.


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