Mother and patients of Stewart Hefton Dentistry

Over the last few years, we’ve been screening our new clients here in Dallas.


Some of them hadn’t seen a dentist in a long while. We wanted to be sure about the reasons behind why they had been avoiding the dentist.


It’s interesting to note that the majority of our new patients who had been avoiding the dentist for some time came to us because they were looking for a dentist for their children.


So what have we found with those new patients who had been “avoiding the dentist” in Dallas?



Everyone is afraid of the cost of their checkup and the potential to uncover some serious problems that could end up being very expensive to fix. The fact is if you pay attention and discipline yourself with a thorough dental hygiene regime you will save on the cost of dental bills because your teeth and gums will be in good condition.



There was a time when dental procedures hurt, and they hurt for a long time afterwards. This is just not the case today. In particular, our office environment is designed to soothe your nerves, calm your fears, and our procedures involve modern pain management techniques.


Bad Experiences in the Past

We’ve even had new patients who haven’t seen a dentist in 20 years because they had a bad experience as a teenager. Times have really changed and there is little to compare dentistry over so much time. A bad experience was an unlucky experience and that just does not happen now.


Fear of Needing Extensive Dental Work

The longer someone hasn’t been to the dentist for a dental checkup, the more they tend to fear they will need extensive dental work. We’ve seen a direct correlation between the length of time someone hasn’t been to the dentist and the amount of fear they have of needing extensive dental work.


While the chances of needing some extra dental work are higher if someone hasn’t been to the dentist in a long time, time is not the cause of poor dental health.


What Next?

If you’ve been practicing good oral hygiene, it’s highly likely you’ll pass your dental checkup with flying colors. There is no way around it; the only way you’ll know is by visiting the dentist.


If you have children, getting them into the right habits at an early age will save you on the costs of dental procedures in the future. Dental insurance packages for families offer a lot more value for money.



You are welcome to ask us any questions including getting advice on how to reduce your dental costs by calling us directly on (214) 368-4100 or sending us a message through our contact form.




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