Dentistry in Dallas You Can Afford

According to the Food and Drug Administration, nearly 50% of all Americans go without adequate dental care because they can’t afford regular dentist visits or they believe that their dental procedures would be too costly to undertake. This statistic is especially sobering when you consider that dental health is a bellwether for other aspects of an individual’s health, including their diet, immune system strength and even cardiovascular health. Poor dental health can lead to a greatly reduced quality of life and early dental care is especially important for children that are still developing the right habits and practices.

Tooth decay is the number one reason for malnourishment in the United States – as people with poor dental health (particularly the very young and the very old) are unable to eat the food that they need to sustain themselves when it hurts to chew and swallow. In addition, tooth decay can cause infections elsewhere in the body – and untreated tooth decay has been directly linked to increased rates of heart disease and other ailments. Your family dentist checkups at our Dallas office are vital to your health and the health of your children. We’ll schedule you and your kids on the same visit, ensuring that everyone goes home healthy and happy and that your teeth are bright and beautiful.


Bethany Stewart Dentistry

Bethany Stewart is one of the leading dentistry practices in North Dallas but at a price that everyone can afford. Family dentist Bethany Stewart  believes that dental care is a basic human necessity, and we work with all of our patients to ensure that everyone can get the best and affordable dentistry in Dallas without having a fear of cost. With industry-leading technology and procedures, you’ll know you are getting the best care possible without compromise.

Bethany Stewart Dentistry was started to fill a definite need in the area of North Dallas and Highland Park for a dentists committed to taking care of patients as people, not just numbers in an appointment book. From the time that you walk into our waiting room, to the time that you leave with a smile, everything in our Highland Park dental office is calibrated to provide you with a top-notch dental experience, by dentists with experience, at an affordable price. Bethany Stewart Dentistry is absolutely committed to providing Dallas families with affordable dentistry without the procedures that you don’t – so both your wallet and your mouth will leave our dentist office in good shape.


Areas Served

While we take patients from all over the Dallas area, we are primarily the dentist of choice for 75220, 75229, 75230 and 75225 zip codes. For the majority of our patients, they get to know us better during their biannual checkups. That’s because we focus on education and prevention rather than cure. That being said, our family dentists provide much more than professional cleanings – we’re highly experienced with complicated procedures ranging from fillings to crowns. Your dental health is too important to ignore – and the only way that you are going to get over lingering pains and irritating tooth problems is by going in to the dentist. We are here to tell you it’s much wiser to come and visit us before that’s even the case.

Don’t let fear of the dentist and fear of high costs get the better of you. We are here in Dallas providing you and your family with affordable, quality dentistry and we take pride in the experience you will enjoy from our Highland Park office.
We’re the affordable dentists in Dallas, and you will be surprised, you’ll might just look forward to your next visit.


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